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Attention Landlords: It's the Law!

Ensure Safe Water Everywhere! Don't leave your water quality to chance.
We're experts in Domestic Legionella risk assessment.


Legal Requirement for Landlords

The law is clear that if you are a landlord and rent out your property (or even a room within your own home) then you have legal responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of your tenant by keeping the property safe and free from health hazards.


Risk Assessment: Ensuring Safety

The risk assessment procedure plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and health of tenants, residents, and visitors. Landlords bear the responsibility of accurately evaluating and managing this risk. In numerous instances, landlords can personally perform the risk assessment provided they possess the necessary competence. Alternatively, the LRA - Pitruchaya Ltd is available to conduct this assessment on your behalf.


Expert Legionella Assessment

Your completed risk assessement is then held on our register with a time and date stamp to avoid any question about if and when a Legionella Risk Assessment was undertaken on a property. A copy is emailed to you automatically on completion and you can order further copies at any time. All assessments are stored on our register for a 2 year period. The report complies with your obligations as a landlord and contains advice required by your tenant

Your Trusted Partner in Legionella Risk Management! 🛡️ Established in 2022 and guided by family values, we specialise in delivering meticulous Legionella Risk Assessments, safeguarding both landlords and tenants against waterborne perils. 🚿 Dive into a world where safety meets quality, ensuring your property not only adheres to legal standards but also embraces a healthy living environment. Choose LRAP, where we make every drop of water count towards a safer tomorrow! 💧🏠

Key Legionella Stats

Stay Informed with Legionella Statistics


Average number of Legionnaires’ Disease cases reported each week in England and Wales in 2019.


Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in 2019 in England and Wales, as confirmed by Public Health England (PHE).

What our Managing Director says

“With 30 years as a landlord, navigating governance has always presented its challenges. That’s why forming LRAP, dedicated to mitigating the complexities of Legionella compliance, was a clear and necessary step for me. It's a direct response to an industry need, ensuring safety and compliance for landlords and tenants alike, crafted from decades of firsthand experience.”
Paresh Patel Managing Director of LRA-Pitruchaya.

Multi Discount

If you own multiple properties, we recognize the value of streamlining your audit needs. We're pleased to offer special bulk pricing options for property owners seeking audits for more than one location. Let us help you optimise your investment efficiently and cost-effectively. Reach out today to discuss tailored pricing for your portfolio!